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What to know & expect when starting to use a 100% natural healthy deodorant?

The human body is much wiser than we tend to think, and our body is doing the best it can, to maintain the best possible health state at any given situation…Scientific data sheds light on how the body defends and cleanses itself from toxins which enter through the skin and the body:When toxins are invading the body, the body senses it within very short time, and goes into protection mode; the body puts efforts to protect firstly the vital life sustaining organs.  At this protection mode, the body focuses on stopping the toxins and poisons at the point they are entering the skin into the cells and the blood circulation. The body might start a rash to dump out the toxins through the skin; the rash is actually an inflammatory cleaning process in which toxins are pushed outside the skin throughout the course of the rash.  This is why many people are developing rashes in their armpits and other parts of the body while using deodorants which contain toxins like Aluminum salts, Propylene Glycol, Baking Soda, preservatives and other toxic compounds…When using deodorants which contain these ingredients, it’s only a matter of time until the body will start to defend itself by developing severe rash in order to clean out these poisons from the body through the skin…


 So in a nutshell: skin disorder means that the body wants to cleanse itself and “push out” some unwanted ingredients.As you probably know; the My Goodness® Deodorant 100% healthy and natural Deodorant that works 24 hours and more, does not contain any of these harmful ingredients, and it is the healthiest and super effective deodorant known today.As soon as we start to use healthy products, the body is sensing that no more toxins and poisons are invading in, and the body then moves from the protection mode into routine maintenance operating mode; in which the body will still clean out toxins on an ongoing basis in a moderate fashion.  The body is cleansing itself in any mode of operation, the difference is in the intensity of the cleaning process meaning “how bad we feel” while the body is cleansing itself…After some time in which there are no toxin attacks on the body, the body starts routine cleansing operations to push and clean out all the toxins which are nesting in the skin from previous products.  The way and pace in which the body is choosing to do the cleaning process is different from one person to another…The My Goodness® deodorant helps the body to detoxify heavy metal and toxins. This process may look like a rash or small lumps of toxins that are gathered and created by the lymphatic nodes, and slowly make their way out through the skin.The pace of this cleansing may vary from one person to another. When the body is in this cleansing mode, you can help the body and soothe the skin with my goodness® soothing deodorant. So how is this related to using a completely healthy product like the My Goodness® Deodorant which is 100% healthy Natural 24 hours effective deodorant that works or any other 100% healthy skin applied products?In general; the body might start cleaning the toxins in number of ways:

  1. Routine Cleansing:

The body might do a routine ongoing cleaning process and will cleanse the toxins out through the normal sweating cycles. Sweating is a very important cleansing method for the body. This is why you never want to eliminate the sweat completely by using antiperspirants, which clog the skin’s pores, thus trapping the toxins inside the skin. If this situation lasts long enough, the toxins will find their way to inner fatty organs like the breasts and brain, which are close to the armpits…You don’t want to stop perspiring, you can decrease the amount of sweating but letting the skin to do its routine cleansing operations on an ongoing bases.  In such a case; you will probably not feel even when the body is cleansing.The My Goodness® Deodorant is absorbing the sweating by approx 50% but you will still perspire some, but will benefit from odor protection and infusion of healthy vital ingredients into your skin and body.

  1. Moderate Cleansing:

Another possibility is that the body starts a moderate cleansing operation, and you might feel some tingling or some sensation of wanting to touch or scratch a little the area, but you will not see any redness on the skin, this phenomenon can come and go for some time until the body will complete dumping out the majority of the toxins out. So in this case you will feel something which is not bothering so much but it will draw your attention from time to time to the cleansing areas, this is perfectly normal and good sign that the body is doing its cleaning chores, and you should let the body do it’s course knowing you are getting rid of toxins that might have been there for years… 

  1. Intense Cleansing:

Another possibility is that the body will start an intense cleansing operation and develop a rash with redness and it might look like irritation, this is very well known and documented phenomenon that after starting to use healthy products or even when starting to eat healthier diet, the body will start to dump big amounts of toxins in short time, you have probably noticed that whenever the body is “sick” it releases “stuff” out from the body (like runny nose, sweating, diarrhea, vomiting etc), these are all ways of the body to dump out big amounts of toxins which are accumulating as we eat unhealthy and exposing the body and skin to many toxins through different ways… In this intense cleansing operation, you might see a rash which is a sign that the body is getting rid of big amounts of toxins, you should be happy knowing that you are getting cleaner form the inside, and help the body to complete the course of cleansing until completion of the detoxification cycle.This is how the body operates, and the best thing we recommend is to use healthy products firstly, and then let the body cleanse itself in that manner.  Avoid using products with toxins so in the future, your body will do cleansing operations in a routine ongoing cleaning process fashion only (Option A. above), which you will not feel.This is why we at Only Goodness Inside® have chosen to work always with the body and never against the body with every product that we offer you. If we cannot find a way to formulate a totally healthy product which will never introduce anymore toxins into the body; we will not produce it and never offer it to you… This is where we fit in this world, and this is what we are standing for, and it touches the soul of our company… from what we know so far the My Goodness® Deodorant is the healthiest deodorant in the world known today. Important check to distinguish between cleansing and allergy reaction:In case you see a reaction, you should check if it’s an allergy reaction to a product; the way to test this is to apply small amount of the product on the inside part of the elbow where the arm bends.  The skin there is sensitive, and will show an allergic reaction quickly.In case there is no allergic reaction in that area, this means that you can use the product and let the body do its cleansing chores until completion.In case of allergy reaction in the inner elbow, stop using the product, and find out which ingredient is causing it for your general knowledge.  When you find out which ingredient is it, please let us know and we will make for you the same product without that ingredient.So the bottom line is that we recommend starting using the My Goodness® Deodorant and seeing how the body reacts; if you don’t feel anything special, great, keep using daily and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing healthy and effective deodorant that works 24 hours and more.If you sense any reaction, do the allergy test on the inside of the elbows to make sure that the reaction you see is not an allergy.In case there is no allergic reaction, this means that you can safely use the product.  If there is a reaction it means that the body is starting to cleanse itself, in that case we recommend doing the following:Let the area be free from any deodorant for a day or two, so the body will be able to complete the cleansing cycle fast. If you still need to use a deodorant, you can use the My Goodness® Soothing deodorant on that area.Reapply the product again, and see how the body behaves now, it might be that everything will be OK, if not let the area rest again for a day or two, in some cases the body will go through a few fast cleansing cycles and then there will be peace and quiet in that cleansed area. Everyone is different so see how your body is doing and help your body to cleanse and get read of toxins in the easiest way you can so you can keep on living in a cleaner and healthier body. In case your inner elbow test shows that the reaction is an allergy, stop using the deodorant and find out which ingredient is causing it for your general knowledge.Let us know what did you find and we will make for you the My Goodness® Deodorant without that ingredient. 

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