As the founder of Only My Goodness – Deodorant and Skincare, Micha Eizen, MS. ME, stands as a
polymath and visionary at the forefront of innovation. With a Master’s degree in Mechanical
Engineering, Micha’s expertise spans Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and battery technology,
reflecting his dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge across diverse disciplines.

In the realm of healthcare, Micha has pioneered Molecular Hydrogen/Brown’s Gas Healing
Machines, seamlessly integrating advanced technology with holistic health solutions. His
revolutionary contributions extend to agriculture, where he has transformed crop growth methods,
emphasizing sustainability and efficiency in food production practices.

Beyond his scientific pursuits, Micha is a Reiki Master and Universal Energy healer, embodying a
holistic approach to well-being that transcends conventional boundaries. His venture into the beauty industry introduces a line of all-natural skincare products, where scientific precision meets sustainable living ideals, reflecting his commitment to balance and harmony.

Micha’s dedication to innovation
shines through in Only My Goodness
products, the first nutritional whole
body deodorant and award-winning
healthcare solutions. Throughout his
journey, he remains committed to
providing tools for better health,
wellness, and lifestyle, embracing the
abundance of goodness that Mother
Earth provides.