How to use My Goodness Deodorant™?

Directions to maximize your results:Wash & gently towel dry areas to be applied.Shake My Goodness™ bottle well.Squirt enough gel on dry fingers to cover the entire area and surrounding areas.Areas with hair might need more gel to coat thoroughly. Rub in gently until gel is absorbed.Make sure it is completely absorbed, and skin is dry (this way it will never stain your clothing.)Use on armpits, groin and any fleshy folds.Note that the more often you use My Goodness™, the longer the effects last.You can reapply on any area any time without washing as odor occurs, Then odor will be gone within 2-3 minutes. Remember to Rinse hands when done.Caution: Avoid gel contact with eyes and/or broken, just shaved, cut, nicked, irritated skin, in case of irritation; rinse well with water, reapply when skin’s condition is back to normal.**For just shaved/waxed skin use My Goodness™ Soothing Deodorant as your deodorant for that day.

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