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Lymph nodes and your deodorant

Lymph nodes and your #deodorant Did you know which very important system in your body, doing many crucial jobs at the same time, to keep you alive, fed, protected and healthy? It’s called the Lymph system and it your immune system which protects you from invaders like bacteria, toxins, viruses, fungi, and from cancerous cells. […]

Most unbelievable continuity error

You will be shocked what happened to this guy when he ate his deodorant! Most unbelievable continuity error ever in any commercial can you spot it? This video was created to be a lighthearted yet informative channel to alert viewers to the importance of under arm health. Clearly no one wants to stink, however, the […]

Why Do We Do, What We Do? – Our Story

It all started one evening a few years ago, when Lidor, our son came downstairs to say hello before going out with friends. We noticed that his arms were not in their natural position, he kept his arms a little away from his body. Is everything OK? I asked him. “My under arms hurt” he said, “I […]

Reasons to Use Deodorant without Aluminum

The modern consumer is much more aware of the brands they buy, and the reputations of named products. They are also aware of general problems with the production of certain items; people are for example more conscious of gluten in their diet than they were ten or fifteen years ago. When it comes to the […]

How to Soothe a Rash From Natural Deodorant

Did you suddenly develop a rash from natural deodorant? Rest easy–it’s only temporary. Most rashes are not caused by natural deodorant. They are rather an effect of your body’s natural desire to purge the toxins, heavy metals, and damaging alkaline levels that are hidden in most skin care products. Where the Rash Really Came From […]

What is the Best natural deodorant for women?

What is the Best natural deodorant for women? Women consumers often ask for more from their deodorants than simply nice smells or a powerful antiperspirant.  Instead, they want something which is easy on the skin, and does everything that a standard commercial deodorant does, without harming the environment and without causing problems such as aluminum […]

Non aluminum deodorants are best for Skin

Non aluminum deodorants are best for Skin   There are several stories about anti-perspirant and deodorants which contain toxic ingredients.  These include connections between aluminum and Alzheimer’s and problems with lymph nodes, as well as with a group of chemicals known as Parabens, which are connected to breast cancer.  These concerns mean that anyone who […]

Why is Potassium a major ingredient in the My Goodness™ natural deodorant?

Potassium energizes the body, balances skin moisture and is an important mineral to replace following intense exercise. Potassium improves oxidation and regulates the electrical processes of muscles and the nervous system.  Potassium is vital in assisting cells to absorb nourishment and expel waste products. An imbalance in potassium often leads to water retention and muscle cramping. […]