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Non aluminum deodorants are best for Skin

Non aluminum deodorants are best for Skin

  There are several stories about anti-perspirant and deodorants which contain toxic ingredients.  These include connections between aluminum and Alzheimer’s and problems with lymph nodes, as well as with a group of chemicals known as Parabens, which are connected to breast cancer.  These concerns mean that anyone who is worrying about their health is likely to want to avoid these types of deodorants.  The major problem is that almost all of the big brands will have some form of aluminum, most often as crystals or salts.   Avoiding chemical deodorants often means using non-aluminum deodorants.  These are made using natural ingredients designed to take over the role which aluminum performed in the deodorant, ensuring that you continue to smell nice without increasing your risk of harm from metal poisoning.  By turning to deodorants which don’t contain aluminum, buyers can feel more certain that they are able to escape the risk of consuming toxic substances and making themselves ill.  Natural ingredients which do not contain heady-metal are the best way to ensure that the risk of breast cancer is reduced.   Critics of those attacking aluminum deodorants have suggested that the compounds are found in a variety of substances, including soaps and shampoos.  The fact is that these products, unlike deodorants, are only on the skin for a short period of time, and are then washed off. Deodorants remain on the skin, and therefore there is more risk of the user being exposed to the aluminum content within. There is also more in these deodorants than just the heavy metal. There is also propylene, which can cause skin irritation, Triclosan, which has been shown to interrupt the endocrine system in some animals and has appeared in human blood, and alcohols which are shown to have carcinogenic properties.  This means that any deodorant that contains aluminum, including aluminum salts such as zirconium and aluminum chlorohydrate, is likely to be carrying more than one product previously linked to cancers, and more than one chemical associated with skin irritation, rashes and other skin problems. Non-aluminum deodorants are likely to be missing these chemicals, too, as they tend to use all-natural products to prevent odor and keep skin feeling fresh and clean.   The use of natural ingredients also has benefits of its own.  Essential oils including lavender and peppermint are anti-bacterial, so there is a reduced risk of developing underarm acne or infections, and they are also beneficial to skin, meaning that problems caused by chemical deodorants can be treated more effectively simply by using a healthy deodorant. In addition, the majority of deodorants which do not contain aluminum also use a base – the main oil in the mix – of coconut oil or Shea butter. Coconut oil is favored as it contains Omega fatty acids which are necessary for health, and these can also be used to ensure that the skin is well-cared for.  Shea butter moisturizes and heals damaged skin, so the deodorant is helping to restore what has been damaged through the use of chemicals.

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  1. amberhughes010 says:

    I truly wish this could be posted in a newspaper or a billboard. Many do not understand how important what we put on our body- especially under the arms can affects us! I am so grateful for your work, KEEP IT UP!

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