Truly Natural with phenomenal results. NO benzoyl peroxide NO salicylic acid
Mg Clear™ Acne Care is a proprietary mineral-rich lotion that benefits the skin by absorbing and removing access oil while introducing health-promoting pure Dead Sea minerals and traces minerals to calm, soothe, and smoothen red and swollen areas. Dead Sea minerals are known to benefit skin issues while leaving lasting positive effects on the skin.

The Dead Sea Trace minerals are known to help to remove toxins, and clear pores thus supporting the skin’s healthy functioning and softening thanks to the ancient therapeutic minerals which are known to do wonders for thousands of years.

People a who are using MgClear™ for Acne and other skin issues report decreasing redness and that their acne has gone down to a smoother face and other amazing results which could not be achieved prior using the MgClear™

Mg Clear™ is an Acne care lotion with ancient Dead Sea minerals and is a 100% natural product.

Mg Clear™ can be used as a full face mask and/or as a spot application.

Mg Clear™ is the gift of Mother Nature to help your skin get back to clear, healthy, smooth, and beautiful looking.

Mg Clear™ is introducing to the skin vital health-promoting minerals while conditioning the skin and shrinking the pores to their natural size for a smoother flatter skin appearance.

Mg Clear™ is guaranteed to work and deliver great results.

Mg Clear™ is preservative, detergents, Parabens, and salicylic acid-free.


Mg Clear™ Acne Care Lotion