What’s the connection between Hydrogen and health?

Our body is made of 62% Hydrogen atoms (Because we are made of mostly water H2o), and needs continuous supply of Hydrogen to maintain, heal, grow, repair oxidation damages on an ongoing basis. We actually have a Hydrogen making machine in our digestive system. Every time we eat, our body should get essential Hydrogen during a healthy digestion process.

When we are healthy, our body produces Hydrogen in high volumes, and uses the Hydrogen, to fix, maintain, and heal everything in the body. As we eat health-compromising food, our digestion track is compromised as well, hence our body produces less and less Hydrogen. Then, slowly but surely, we start to develop serious health issues and chronic ailments.

The root causes of virtually every disease known to man is inflammation, often caused by free radicals and poisons. Even pain can be counted as one of the problems of inflammation.

Another disorder that is rarely discussed is mitochondrial dysfunction. This happens when cells begin to die or become ravaged, due to poor lifestyle, age or sickness. People with mitochondrial dysfunction typically have problems with sleeping, energy and concentration. These problems are usually associated with aging, but the real problem is inflammation, due to free radicals, cells without electrons in your body that are going crazy. What do we do?

Molecular hydrogen is a new/old approach that is safe, inexpensive and prooves to neutralize free radicals and repair cells by restoring mitochondrial function.

The Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen

The therapeutic benefits of using molecular hydrogen for better health and health related issues has been documented in over 2,000 scientific studies and applies to over 170 health related issues. Studies on molecular hydrogen date back to 1798. You can expect an increase in energy, better health, better sleep and improved memory. Results should start be seen quickly. The recommended Hydrogen inhalation time is

1-3 sessions per day, spaced though the day as needed, drinking Hydrogen water, spraying Hydrogen water on the skin, eliminate wrinkles and get a truly younger healthy and healthy looking skin and body.

You can inhale the Hydrogen while sitting, resting, relaxing, reading or doing any work while sitting/resting and sleeping.

The 15 most important benefits of Molecular Hydrogen (Out of 62):

  1. Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant (eliminates only harmful free radicals), it also neutralizes damage of Ozone treatment (O3) in Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers.
  2. Hydrogen supports your own antioxidant system.
  3. Hydrogen is anti-inflammatory (improves sleep).
  4. Hydrogen rich water mist spray smoothens wrinkles and de-aging the skin and body with daily use.
  5. Hydrogen reduces pain including chronic pain.
  6. Hydrogen protects your muscles.
  7. Hydrogen can speed up disease and injury recovery, skin wounds, smoothening/beautifying scar tissue.
  8. Hydrogen can balance your body’s pH.
  9. Hydrogen affects cell modulation.
  10. Hydrogen is neuroprotective.
  11. Hydrogen protects against metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome).
  12. Hydrogen boosts your mitochondria (gives you more energy).
  13. Hydrogen protects against DNA damage.
  14. Hydrogen can calm allergic reactions.
  15. Hydrogen protects against cancer and helps to neutralize Chemo damages.
  16. Hydrogen protects organs.
  17. Hydrogen neutralizes radiation damage from frequencies, cellphones, routers, 5G, Wi-Fi and radioactivity.
  18. Hydrogen treats pet’s issues, fish, and boosts growth of plants.

*Toxic die off or the Herxheimer Effect is very common when taking molecular hydrogen. You may feel tired, have loose bowel movements or have headaches for a few days. Drink plenty of water and take activated charcoal to reduce the symptoms.

*These benefits were published on pubmed.org, the gold standard of medical research

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy / Browns Gas is the similar Hydrogen/Oxygen gas to the gases’ mixture that occurs in the body during digestion.

  • Amazing proven results & benefits since 1798
  • Helps with more than 170 diseases.
  • Over 2000 scientific studies prove how it increases life span over 30%! While enjoying well-being.

Get Your Natural Health and Beauty Back Quick

Reverse your skin and body back to their young, best truly healthy state. Get more energy. Remove oxidation damages and inflammation.

Eliminate pain and chronic/joints Back/Knee Pains. Remove oxidation damage. Heal wounds fast with minimum scaring, reduce inflammation. Bell’s palsy, Stroke, Heart disease, joints, Psoriasis, scars, Diabetes type 1 and 2, Depression, PTSD, Autism… Fungus in the body is eliminated! Sinuses, Candida, Blood pressure, Allergies, respiratory, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, tremors, Cancer, Kidneys, Liver, fibromyalgia, Nervous system, tumors, neutralizing radiation and chemo effects. And many more.

Use Molecular Hydrogen therapy to improve eyesight, hair growth, libido, memory, energy and stamina. Sleep better, have younger/better looking skin and many more benefits!

H2 Mist

Hydrogen water, sprayed daily on your face, will remove years from your look naturally and healthfully.  The natural building block of your skin will be repairing the skin, eliminating wrinkles, and hydrate your skin the best way possible, this is not a cosmetic trick, this is your skin becoming younger!

We are designing and building our Hydrogen therapy machines from scratch, to fit our customers’ needs for home and clinics usage.

We offer Home models 1-2 people

We offer Clinic models 1-6 people or more as desired.

  • Heavy-duty machines designed and custom made by order from scratch by Kimandia Inc. with German Engineering and quality in the US.
  • Clinical grade, built to last. Super quiet operation.
  • Service, parts and support from the US. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Life warranty on the Gas generator component. (When machine is maintained according to supplied manual)

Current Pricing February 2024: Please contact me when you are ready to order, and I will work with you to offer you the best machine and options to accommodate your needs. Text/Call Micha Eizen 630.803.7901

All models include breathing, Hydrogen water making & Earthing: Models recommended for home use (Switchable for 120VAC and 230VAC):

  • True Brown’s gas Machine for 1 person, 200ml/minute starting from $2,249.
  • True Brown’s gas Machine for 1-2 people at the same time, 400ml/minute or max safe amount of Brown’s Gas for one user, for all treatments, starting from $3,249.

Optional features:

  • Color Healing therapy lights; green/ blue (Shown in photos) $299.
  • Casters/Wheels $169.
  • Essential oils diffuser attachment, for enhanced treatment $199.
  • Insured Shipping, (if applicable) is calculated individually per order.

Optional accessories/materials available for the hydrogen machine:

  1. Long handle brush for cleaning the main solution tank during solution change. $20
  2. Eyes’ treatment goggles with custom made treatment tubes for local treatment of the eyes and around the area around the eyes. $90
  3. Gloves with custom made treatment tubing, for local treatment of hands: $35
  4. Food-grade lye powder for electrolyte solution replacement, pre measured. $6
  5. Essential oils diffuser attachment for adding essential therapeutic oils to the breathing: $199
  6. Funnel kit or local topical treatment on skin, with tubing: $35
  7. H2 Disc for local treatment on skin, for quickly treat pain and local skin issues: $48
  8. Tube for treatment bagged and cupped Areas on skin, to be used with plastic sleeves: $30

Payment terms: 50% at ordering. Balance when machine is ready before delivery.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This machine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

For any questions & more details: Text/call Micha Eizen: 630.803.7901

Please read below my article starting on page 43 in the Science to Sage magazine about the history of Molecular Hydrogen therapy: