Only Goodness Inside water treatment process

Since water is the most abundant and life giving ingredient in our body, we want to give you this precious fundamental ingredient with the most purified, advanced life supporting and healing attributes and characteristics. For this, we are on a constant journey to discover and combine the most advanced processes known at this time to prepare the best water we know to maximize the benefits of our products to our customers. Our water preparing process combines the accumulated knowledge of Viktor Schauberger, Johann Grander, Masaru Emoto, Winfried Otto Schumann and many others that have discovered that water is much more than just the simple formula H2O. The process we use currently to prepare the water for our products is proprietary, however due to questions raised by our customers we would like to shed some light on the processes we use to prepare the water for all of our products: 1.   We start with purified water to eliminate any possible chemical, biological or physical contamination in the water. 2.   The water is then circulated in a close loop system which is passing the water through spiral and curved tubing array, which incorporates also a vortex, free flowing and free falling. The purpose of these stages is to bring the water back to their natural structure when they flow freely in nature. 3.   During the circulation, the water are passing through different magnetic fields which are discharging the water from harmful negative oscillations stored in them and reset the water energy and frequency to the most natural, healthiest state, so the water are passing through: A.   Permanent magnetic fields. B.   Pulsating magnetic field generators which produce the following frequencies: B.1 7.83Hz which is called the Schumann earth frequency, one can find a     lot of documented science on the effects of the Schumann frequency on the human body balance, physical and mental health. This frequency rearrange the water back to its natural structure. B.2 432 Hz which is referred as love frequency. B.3 528 Hz which is referred as healing frequency. B.4 Other proprietary frequencies which are proven to benefit the skin. 4.   Tiny air bubbles are injected into the water in order to aerate and recharge the water with oxygen after the purification process thus bring the water back to their natural pH and aerated state. 5.   We also apply on the water and in our products the technology and scientific findings of Professor Masaru Emoto, thus helping the water further to accumulate love joy and healing energy which we believe is transferred to the user of our products. We want to touch people with health, to make a difference in the products we use in our lives, to take a step forward towards a healthier body mind and soul; they are all connected so we believe… so when we better our health, we better the rest as well… We want our products to reflect our vision for affordable well-being for everyone who wishes to benevolent his/her life here and now with the healthiest products which can be created… We use our own products on a daily bases, and we want the best for ourselves as well as we want for you.  We want to live healthy, we want to thrive in what we do and we want to promote love and mutual responsibility among all human beings. In our search for the healthiest products we can think of, we were guided by nature to find ancient minerals from all over world, this minerals are the gift of Mother Nature to us who can see the them as great gift, and can see the benefits of letting these ancient minerals to support and promote our physical health which is directly related to our mental and spiritual health.

Dead Sea.

Dead Sea

Our journey led us to one of the greatest wonders of the world… to the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth, and the Dead Sea has the highest natural salts concentration in the world, and the highest abundance of minerals and trace minerals of all the salt lakes in the world. Salts are minerals and many of the mineral salts occur naturally on our earth, and many of them are known in their power to sooth, treat, energize and invigorate the body through the skin. It is well documented that people through the ages knew about the therapeutic aspects of the Dead Sea, and came for far away to bathe in the waters of the Dead Sea. The ancient Egyptian kings and queens used to come and get healing treatments, and salts from the Dead Sea were brought to many rich and ruling elite populations. Many people are coming to the Dead Sea to treat their skin issues, and the minerals’ treatment they get do wonders in their overall health, they are more relaxed after letting the rich minerals to be infused through the skin during these treatments.

Dead SeaDead Sea

Our vision is to develop and create the healthiest products which can be made, this means that these products have to be health promoting in addition to what they are formulated to do. To achieve that we have to formulate into our products Only Goodness, this is why our brand name is Only Goodness Inside. Only Goodness Inside’s products include the world’s finest organic ingredients This is why we use the Dead Sea pure natural minerals as the base of our skin products, in this way our products can promote health while doing their main purpose of deodorizing or applied on acne and other skin disorders. You cannot get better ingredients than the healthiest natural ingredients which Mother Nature prepared for us for millions of years, and there is thousands of years long documented history of therapeutic successes and wonders which were and are gained by using these natural minerals…

Dead Sea..Dead Sea

The first products we launched are the My Goodness™ Deodorant which is the healthiest and super effective deodorant known so far, and Mg Clear™ which is an amazing product for acne and other skin disorders.  These products have pure Magnesium from the Dead Sea as the major ingredient in them. We test and check endless number of times every ingredient we use in our products to make sure it is 100% safe, health promoting, organic, gluten free and hypoallergenic.  We constantly keep monitoring all new data about the healthiest ingredients available and the ingredients we use, to learn more about what we can do better and healthier for all of us. We do not want to compromise this vision for anything in the world, because this is who we are!  This is Where we fit in this world!  This is what we stand for and it touches the soul of our company…