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My Clear Skin™ and Mg Clear™ Acne Care are two amazing products that come to your rescue when you want to get rid of embarrassing skin disorders. Here is the difference between them:

My Clear Skin™ is a 100% natural organic thin solution that dries clear, absorbed quickly and taking care of most known fungal and bacterial skin issues on the body including face, scalp, beard and bear skin areas; see the list of issues in the My Clear Skin™ info and description. This ground breaking formula is eliminating colonies of fungus and bacteria deep in the skin pores, hence providing you the confidence and embarrassment protection you wish to have. You can apply it all day; since it dries clear, leaving a thin clear protection layer which is not sticky, gooey or oily.

Mg Clear™ is a 100% natural organic lotion that dries white, and it takes care of pimples and skin areas by drying them while helping to get rid of toxins, and introducing vital minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Mg Clear™ is best to use over night, when you can leave the dried lotion on the skin before rinsing it.

Both products are guaranteed to work and give you results when used correctly or your money back


Mg Clear™ Acne Care Lotion



My Clear Skin™