Got acne with sensitive skin that no other product has managed to treat? You can have a beautifully flawless, glowing complexion without the irritation. The same gentle, yet effective power you expect from our natural deodorants is available in our natural acne products. All of our acne skin care lotions contain essential minerals from the Dead Sea that both cleanse and nourish your skin. Look forward to your natural acne skin care routine and get the results you’ve always wanted.How to apply your MgClear™ Natural Acne Skin Care Lotion: In order to experience the full benefits of using our mineral acne skin care lotions, we recommend that you apply the lotion over your entire face or as a spot treatment. Rub the lotion in well with your fingers until it is completely absorbed once or twice daily.Here is what our customers are saying about MgClear™:“Best acne spot treatment on the market!!! After spending twenty years and hordes of money on many acne spot treatments from every company possible (in stores and online) – I have FINALLY found one that actually works. I have been using OGI’s spot treatment for about a year now and it is worth every single penny. I will never be without this product and I have already turned multiple people onto using it. If you have acne, you owe it to yourself to try this product. Don’t be alarmed by the price, the bottle lasts a very long time.” – Jessica S.Want to see all of your choices in one place? Visit our online shop for a full list of deodorants, lotions, and applicators.

Mg Clear™ Natural Acne Skin Care Lotion

Get the smooth, perfect skin you’ve always wanted with Mg Clear™. Our formula of Dead Sea minerals contains absolutely no benzoyl peroxide and no salicylic acid. First, Mg Clear™ removes the excess fats, oils, and dead skin that clogs your pores. Next, it eliminates the bacteria that causes infections and swelling. Finally, it soothes and softens your skin for a perfect finish. Use as a full facial mask or as a spot treatment.Available in 1oz. and 2 oz. sizes.


Mg Clear™ Acne Care Lotion


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