Introducing My Clear Skin™ – Say goodbye to the embarrassment caused by fungal, bacterial, and various skin issues such as Seborrhea dermatitis, malassezia, dandruff, rosacea, psoriasis, ringworm, eczema, itchy/flaky skin, Vitiligo, Tinea capitis, acne (Fungal and bacterial), poison ivy, sumac and poison oak rashes, cellulitis, and more. Experience an improvement in varicose veins and hair thinning linked to skin issues. Reclaim your clear and calm skin.

Our unique natural formula has undergone years of meticulous development and refinement to effectively combat bacteria and fungi. It targets their presence on the skin’s surface and within hair follicles. As you gently massage the solution into your skin, it swiftly eliminates fungus and bacteria, penetrating deep into the skin to eradicate stubborn colonies of these embarrassing creatures.

Fungi are notoriously resilient, hiding behind a protective shield of thin fats (Micro-Biome). To eliminate them, one must cut through this shield. Moreover, these creatures thrive in a pH level of 4 to 8 on the skin. To prevent their growth, maintaining a skin pH of 3.5 to 4 is crucial.

Certain fungi feed on the skin’s oils secreted through sweat glands and hair follicles. Keeping the skin clean from excess sweat and oils prevents the fungi from thriving. When developing My Clear Skin™, we drew inspiration from Mother Nature’s strategies over millions of years. Trees, particularly the pine and spruce family, produce sap or gum to create an environment hostile to bacteria, fungi, and other undesirable creatures.

Much like these trees, ongoing protection is essential to safeguard the skin from the ever-present bacteria and fungi in the air. My Clear Skin™ incorporates natural ingredients in a lotion form that rapidly absorbs and penetrates the skin. It eliminates fungi and bacteria, calms the skin, and establishes a clear and dry protective layer. This versatile formula can be used on the scalp and beards without leaving them oily or greasy, ensuring consistent protection as needed. Reclaim your clear and calm skin with My Clear Skin™.

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My Clear Skin™