organic natural deodorant My Goodness Lite: 

My Goodness™ lite deodorant is usually for people with sensitive skin, or people who don’t sweat much. My Goodness™ is formulated only with the natural gifts of Mother Nature which are Dead Sea minerals, organic food grade ingredients and vitamins. My Goodness™ is focused about your health starting now and in the long run, while giving you unmatched odor protection, ease of use all over your body, and feeling as if you did not apply anything, My Goodness™ is absorbed and dries fast with no oily mess and no stains.  Remember that you can reapply the My Goodness™ directly on sweaty areas in the middle of your day or activities, and the odor will be gone in 2-3 minutes, you can carry My Goodness™ regular purse/pocket addition with you as your odor rescue friend. If this is the first time you want to experience the goodness of this amazing safe, nutritional and health promoting deodorant that works 24 hours or more, we recommend that you try first the My Goodness™ regular deodorant, and see if you need to move to the Lite or Max versions. You might find out that certain areas in your body needs different My Goodness™ strengths, meaning for your armpits you might need My Goodness™ regular deodorant, and for your feet or groin you need My Goodness™ Max, or you can reapply the same strength on these areas as needed, The natural healthy ingredients we use are not cheap as you know, however we do all we can to offer you this wonderful deodorant at low prices which can keep us going to be able to serve you many years.

My Goodness™ Lite is available in two  sizes;  1oz,  3oz;