Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you use the lite version for 7-10 days, and get enough odor protection, then this is the right strength of deodorant for you at this time.
  2. If you need longer-lasting odor protection; use the regular version, for 7-10 days to see if the regular version gives you long enough odor protection.
  3. If longer odor protection is needed, try then the Max version for 7-10 days and see the Max version is enough.
  4. The Ultra version is recommended to try only if using the Max version does not giving you enough odor protection.

If you get some irritation during use; it is a sign from your skin to use a lower version.

The skin can be irritated when it gets too dry when the skin does not sweat enough in relation to the concentration of the natural minerals in the My Goodness® (MgDeo) deodorant. When this happens, it is a sign that you need use a lighter version of the deodorant.  Learn more about; What to know & expect when starting to use a 100% natural healthy deodorant?

To help the skin restore to its normal condition quickly, we recommend that you will use the My Goodness® (MgSoothe) Soothing Deodorant for a few days.  You will still get odor protection while your skin will get back to normal quickly.  After the skin gets back to its normal condition, you can use the same or lighter version of the My Goodness® deodorant.

During usage of My Goodness® deodorants which are completely toxins’ free, the skin will initiate cleaning operations to push out the toxins which were introduced to the skin previously.

This is a natural and desired outcome of using toxins’ free products, since the body always wants to be at the healthiest state it can, the body wants to get rid of toxins and poisons which are in the skin.  This cleaning operation or cleansing can happen every once in a while, you should be happy when the skin is cleansing because this is a sign that your body is doing what it supposed to do and it’s getting healthier.

During the cleansing period, the skin “pushes” out toxins and it can look like pimples or minor rash which appear after long time of using the deodorant.  It is different than an immediate irritation to a too strong version of deodorant. The cleansing time can be uncomfortable for a few days, then it goes away.

You can help your skin to rejuvenate and restore to its natural condition with the use of My Goodness® (MgSoothe) Soothing Deodorant, which will give you odor protection while help the skin to heal quickly.  The soothing deodorant will not irritate or burn the skin, it will nourish the skin with vitamins, essential oils and food grade ingredients which will help the skin to get back to its natural condition fast.