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The secret of secrets to health and longevity

What is the secret of true Health and Longevity?

You probably wonder for yourself what is the secret of true Health and Longevity for a long time.So many advice and recommendations out there… many of them are contradicting, conflicting and confusing… So sometimes, you do not know what to believe in anymore…Let me share with you some fundamental truth which was, is, and will be forever the vital condition for true Health and Longevity.Some people are proven to be close to 150 years, and even more…So we know it’s possible for sure…. But how? What’s the secret?First, some very good scientific news:Scientists found that cells telomeres can be lengthened and are able to divide up to 40 more times. This means simply that we already know that we can live many more years with young and refreshed body.Another known fact is that the body is self-healing and self-regulating, the body strives to be at its default state which is ultimate health at all times.How does the body heal itself?The answer is simple: The body constantly is cleaning (Cleansing) itself from within from anything that does not belong to a healthy body. When the body is clean from toxins and chemicals that do not belong in it, it can maintain its top shape health, be disease free and live hundreds of years in a well-being state.The body is also using special soaps to “wash itself” from within, just like we are using soap to wash our body in the shower, (Good soap is made from high-quality oils, hence you need to give your body quality oils as well, but this is a topic for another subject).“WHAT”Here is the hint to the secret I am going to share with you: Since the body is doing all the work itself, what you need to do is to SUPPORT the body doing its job 24/7 the best you can…“HOW”How to best support your body to heal and regulate itself?Drum rolls……..You need to make sure that the number of toxins getting into the body is lower than the number of toxins that are getting out from the body!!!In other words, you need to make sure that your body is pushing more toxins than it gets in. This means that the body will get cleaner and cleaner every day hence it will heal itself more and more each day.How do you Achieve this practically on daily bases?You have to become a strict gatekeeper and prevent any toxins and unwanted compounds in anything you let into your body, which can come from:·         Drinks and food with preservatives and toxic chemicals.·         Anything you apply on your skin or anything that comes in contact with your skin.·         Medicines with toxins in them and medical treatments that cause more harm than good to the body.·         Polluted air, smoke, toxic chemicals in the air·         Clothing and materials in your home·         Harmful thoughts, stress, negative attitude, dwelling in sadness anger and despair. These energies are poisoning just like anything else that pollutes your body and causing toxicity in it.There you have the secret.Your job is to be on guard 24/7, prevent and stop allowing these health-destroying things to get into your body as much as you can.The more you succeed in preventing these get in, the easier it will be for your body to push out the harmful stuff that is already accumulated in the body until now and get cleaner and cleaner as time goes by.We know we live at this time in less than perfect environment, and that means that there are toxins lurking almost everywhere…But you still have a chance to win, because your body is cleaning itself every day in a certain pace, so just make sure that the amount of toxins going in is minimized, so your body can push them out faster than they are going in.How to do it?  Where to start?Start with stopping the big amounts of toxins first, and then gradually proceed to the things that contain less toxins.The three things that have the most amount of toxins are what you drink & eat, what you apply on your skin daily, and the medicines you take.If you not accustomed to reading products labels, I strongly recommend that you start reading every product’s label that you are consuming externally or internally. This will give you a lot of info about things you want and things you do not want to have in or on your body.There is a lot to talk about drinks and foods. Note that I mention drinks before foods, your body is consists of mostly distilled water which are like pure rainwater, so the best water you can drink is distilled water, fresh squeezed organic juices which also consist of distilled water inside the fruits and vegetables.The foods you eat should be as close as they can be to their pure organic natural state, about 80% of the foods you eat should be raw (Uncooked) including fats and oils.We will broaden about drinks and foods in another article.As for products you apply daily on your skin, the recommendation is same, put on skin only ingredients that you can safely eat and get healthier. This includes the deodorants you are using. Read the labels of your deodorants.If you are not happy with the ingredients in your deodorant, consider trying the My Goodness Deodorant. The healthiest deodorant on earth, which gives you 24-48 hours of stain-free odor protection. It is free of any toxins, Aluminum, heavy metals, and is full of vital health supporting ingredients like Dead Sea minerals, organic food grade ingredients.Your underarms have the most amount of lymph nodes that can absorb toxins or healthy ingredients into each cell in the body, Make sure to introduce only healthy ingredients to your skin because your skin is a carrier, not a barrier!!! So everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body as if you eat it through your mouth.The lymph system’s job is to filter the blood, fight infection, drain toxins from every cell. It has to be kept in the cleanest condition because the liquid food is getting from the lymph nodes directly to every cell. If there are too many toxins in the lymph nodes, the lymph system will get clogged and will have a hard time to clean the body. This is how diseased cells are formed… which can lead to a severe illness…Cleaning a clogged lymph system is a major issue, you cannot rinse it quickly, it along with cleaning process that takes the most efforts from your body. So make sure your lymph system is not poisoned by anything applied on the skin and underarm.To your health, put Only Goodness Inside your body.    

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