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Why Do We Do, What We Do? – Our Story

It all started one evening a few years ago, when Lidor, our son came downstairs to say hello before going out with friends. We noticed that his arms were not in their natural position, he kept his arms a little away from his body.

Is everything OK? I asked him. “My under arms hurt” he said, “I keep my arms away from my body so they hurt less” he explained.

What’s going on with your armpits? We asked him. “I feel like they are burning” he said.

Can I look at your armpits I asked him? Although he was in a hurry, he showed me his underarms, and I was shocked to see that the skin was so red and actually peeling away, exposing under layers of skin.

Are you applying anything on your under arms? I asked, Yes he said, I am using two different deodorants a spray and a stick which are very known brands.

Knowing what I know about skin health I told him; apparently these products are causing your skin this severe reaction, there is something in them that your skin don’t like, I suggest you find another deodorant that has natural ingredients that will not cause this awful reaction and suffering.

OK he said, I will look for something healthy and let you know what I find. Make sure to read the label and see that there are no Aluminum or any ingredients that do not belong in a healthy body I told him.

Each morning we saw our son getting ready to go to work and trying to hide from us and the world how much he was suffering. He said he could not go to work without applying a deodorant, because he was working in close proximity with his work mates.

Days went by and Lidor tried a few natural deodorants but could not find a deodorant that had a “clean list” of ingredients and worked for a whole work day at the office, but eventually Lidor was hurting so bad for so long that he agreed to stop using any deodorant just to suffer less pains.

We as his parents could not see his suffering anymore, I said to myself; I have to do something for him I can’t stand this situation anymore, seeing our son in lasting pains for months now, we have decided to find a deodorant that would end his suffering and not harm him. We spent endless hours searching all over the world for the solution but could not find a natural deodorant that works without any “garbage” in it.

We were both using a crystal deodorant for more than 11 years and were shocked to find an article by Dr. Mercola which explains that these crystal deodorants have a lot of Aluminum in them. The main ingredient in these deodorants is called Potassium Alum or Ammonium Alum, and in his article, Dr. Mercola explains that Alum is short for Aluminum… We were trying to maintain a healthy diet, with the usage of healthy body care products, and yet we have mislead to believe that we were using a healthy deodorant all these years.

So now we were back at square one with our son, none of us had a natural deodorant that work, and we could not find any product that was truly natural, effective and gentle with the skin for the long haul…

We care so much about the health of our family, and with our vast knowledge in natural ingredients, healing and health, along with our long experience with manufacturing, we have decided to go on a mission to develop a deodorant for our son and ourselves that will deliver its promise to be healthy and effective. Together with world class natural formulators, we mapped all the healthy and safe ingredients known to humanity and picked only from them the best ingredients that could help us achieving our goal, we spent our savings and worked with professionals for many months, and finally mastered it. We came up with the healthiest longest lasting deodorant on earth known to mankind, made from pure Dead Sea minerals, vitamins, organic food grade ingredients and essentials oils. We also found that there cannot be one deodorant that suites all skin types, so we put more efforts and developed 4 different deodorant’s strengths to fit every skin type, every weather and climate, and every stress level. The deodorants are Magnesium based which is used for skin care for centuries. Queen Cleopatra used to bathe in the Dead Sea waters to maintain her health and beauty. We actually created a Dead Sea in a bottle with many other healthy ingredients, hence the name of our company; Only Goodness Inside. Our son started to use the special soothing deodorant which we developed to very sensitive skin and for people who shave or wax their underarms and any sensitive areas on their body. The My Goodness Soothing Deodorant quickly restored his skin to normal state within days while gave him already complete odor protection for 24 hours. After his skin was restored, he started to use the regular strength of My Goodness Deodorant, him and us and tens of thousands of happy customers for life are using these deodorants which are vegan, non-staining, drying clear, lasting for up to a few days without any odor and doing all this with the priceless gifts of truly natural ingredients from mother nature. Our customers tell us that this is the best and healthiest deodorants money can buy.

Our son is using the deodorant for years now with great success, not realizing that with his suffering he actually was the cause for developing truly natural deodorant which is ending the suffering of many people who are looking to find a real solution for odor protection and health. We are grateful that we too have the solution with a deodorant that so healthy that it can be eaten safely. It is our mission to touch people with health with the best body care products we can develop for true wellbeing and wellness.

We recommend that people who want to try the My Goodness Deodorants, will check the deodorant matching table or use first a trial pack to find which deodorant strength is right for them.

Dina Soker
Co-Founder and CEO

4 thoughts on “Why Do We Do, What We Do? – Our Story

  1. Deidre says:

    Someone told me about your product and I’m up to give it a try. They also claimed the recipe for this deodorant was channeled to you from the 5th density. Is this true?

  2. Victoria says:

    I have tried the samples to find this is the best healthy deodorant ever tried over the last 15 years. I can’t wait to buy more. The sample pack was so very helpful! Please keep up your great work!

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