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Reasons to Use Deodorant without Aluminum

The modern consumer is much more aware of the brands they buy, and the reputations of named products. They are also aware of general problems with the production of certain items; people are for example more conscious of gluten in their diet than they were ten or fifteen years ago. When it comes to the use of deodorants, a small but growing number of consumers have realized that these products might not be completely good for them. One area of particular concern is the amount of aluminum in the average store-bought deodorant.

There are several reasons why consumers should consider using a deodorant without aluminum ingredients. The first, and most obvious, is that aluminum is a metal, and too much of any metal in the body can cause poisoning. While there may not be enough to cause a serious case of heavy metal poisoning, what aluminum can do is affect the nervous system, and damage cells. Unlike eating a contaminated meal, the aluminum in a deodorant can build up over time. Rather than just having a one-hit dose of poisoning, most Western consumers are actually receiving small but continual doses of aluminum.

The majority of branded commercial deodorants contain a product known as aluminum zirconium. This is used because it is considered to help reduce sweating, preventing the pores from producing sweat and therefore keeping odor to a minimum. The product will also reduce the amount of sweating by absorbing some perspiration through direct contact. Consumers should be aware that aluminum may be responsible for blocking some toxins from escaping with sweat, trapping them in the lymph glands and causing problems with swelling and discomfort. There have been fears that this swelling of the glands could be linked to more general health problems such as fatigue and repeated doses of infection.

There are also more concerns for those who have skin problems, including sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. Because this chemical is working directly upon the skin, it may cause some irritation, and also produce peeling and flaking of the skin which can be embarrassing. More consumers are aware that there is a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, which may be indicative of neurological damage caused by heavy metal poisoning. This research is at the early stage, but wise consumers are likely to be apprehensive about these risks, and will probably try to avoid using products which contain aluminum.

For anyone who is shopping around for a deodorant without aluminum products, the good news is that the natural deodorant business is booming. There are several products which have been tested, and have worked well in combating odors, and there is also less chance of the white staining appearing on clothes. Aluminum-free deodorants are usually produced by mixing essential oils and butters, as well as spices, which help to exclude toxins from daily life, and can be better for the body. Using these products ensures that consumers are free from the risks of aluminum poisoning.


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