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 The Healthiest Longest Lasting Deodorant on Earth™

 Loaded with Magnesium and Pure Dead Sea Minerals!

 Completely Toxins FREE!  24-48 Hours odor free!

My Goodness™ Deodorants (MgDeo™) are 100% All Natural, Skin pH friendly, 100% Aluminum free (Free of any kind of Aluminum!), Propylene Glycol Free, Toxins Free, Vegan, gluten free, Alcohol free, Baking Soda Free, Hypoallergenic, Non GMO and cruelty free.

My Goodness™ Deodorants(MgDeo™) are quickly absorbed, fast drying, non-staining, non-oily, non-messy, gentle on your skin, your skin will feel as if you have nothing on your armpits, but you will be odor free for long time.  Your skin, body and cells will thank you for the healthy and natural ingredients. You will feel the difference in your wellbeing just after a few days.

My Goodness™ Deodorants (MgDeo™) are loaded with Magnesium and pure Dead Sea Minerals, Magnesium is the master mineral in the body, and this is why we formulate Magnesium as the major ingredient in the My Goodness™ (MgDeo™)

Important: Before ordering your healthiest deodorant, please check the deodorant matching table to find which version of deodorant you should start with your skin type and climate you live in, click here to go to the table. 

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